The positions of ATO forces in the area of Novokaterynivka were fired on the night of August 18.

This was reported in the press center of ATO.

According to the headquarters, the shelling was probably made with plants 9P 140 “Hurricane” (“Urahan”).

“Such a powerful weapon was used for the first time”, was emphasized in the message.

It was also noted that terrorists continued to try destroying the infrastructure of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to the maximum.

“They undermine roads, water supply, social institutions, etc. And today the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk are on the verge of not only humanitarian but also the environmental catastrophe that is artificially created by terrorists. Specifically, the terrorists carried out the burial of their henchmen, not withstanding any sanitary standards. Mass graves are slightly covered with earth. At the same time, the invaders create so-called green zone, where ordinary people are not allowed, for their comfortable life,” was said at the headquarters of ATO.

It should be noted, “The Hurricane” is a multiple rocket launcher of caliber 220 mm. Number of guns in a volley of one combat vehicle is 16 pieces. Time of the volley with one combat vehicle is 20 seconds. Maximum range is 35 km.