On April 13, pro-Ukrainian activists with Ukrainian flags came to the Mariupol’ city police department to support the local police officers. Though, a group of pro-Russian separatists, armed with sticks and stones, reached the police station and attacked the pro-Ukrainian activists. During the clashes attackers screamed different offensive words including “You are all going to die!,” “Die Bandery!” and “Kill them all!” They also repeated constantly “Berkut! Berkut!” Nine wounded have been reported so far.

We were standing peacefully near the police station to show our unity with the police,” says one of the pro-Ukrainian activists. “Suddenly, a major group of around 150 men in masks came to us. They were armed with bats and sticks and started beating us up with no explanation. They also had explosive packages with them.

According to the witnesses, 9 people were wounded during the clashes, 6 of them are in reanimation in heavy conditions.

a group of separatist on their way to police department

armed separatists going to fight

bats and sticks in the hands of separatists

lots of pro-russian activists

most of the separatists are wearing masks

Separatists in Mariupol'

Separatists in Mariupol' moving to fight

separatists area ready to fight

Police talking to a man

police blockade at the entrance

police near the crowd

police officers before the attack

waiting for the attack


April 13, 2014.

Source: 0609