On May 27, SBU forces managed to capture one of the heads of separatist movement in Kramatorsk Ivan Lysenko, codename “Psycho.”

Lysenko is responsible for organizing and arming 40 gunmen for terrorist activity and destabilizing current situation in the city of Donetsk. Lysenko also confirmed that he received orders directly from Hirkin aka Shooter (Strelok). Here’s a transcription and translation of this interrogation.


Interrogator: Introduce yourself.

Lysenko: Antimaidan activist and representative of People’s Republic of Donetsk codename “Psycho.”

Interrogator: What have you been doing in the cities of Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Sloviansk?

Lysenko: In the city of Donetsk I took part in the storm of the regional Prosecutor’s Office, in Kramatorsk I took part in storming the City Council and also in took part in storming the airfield.

Interrogator: What weapon did you have on you?

Lysenko: Makarov pistol.

Interrogator: Who were your contacts from the representatives of terrorists’ organizations and what did you talk about?

Lysenko: I talked to Shooter. The task was to specify the locations of Ukrainian forces.

Interrogator: What do you think about the current situation in People’s Republic of Donetsk?

Lysenko: I think that right now the People’s Republic of Donetsk is in anarchy. Lawlessness. People who previously fought, as they say, for idea, now, after they got the guns, are simply robbing people, take their money and cars. They are involved in blackmailing and robberies.


May 27, 2014.

Source: YouTube