Today, on his twitter account, a famous Russian journalist Illya Barabanov shared a document that gives an explanation on how Russian media has to cover news about Ukraine. Documents like this one have been sent out to Russian journalist. Basically, it’s a guide on how and in what light share news. Here’s what the document says:


“March 28 – April 6, 2014

Topic: Crimea


First of all, it is important to mention that during the past 23 years Crimea, as a part of Ukraine, mostly degraded because of the government in Kyiv. Instead, the main aim of Russian government is to form a new, better life on the peninsula and to equal Crimea with the Russian standards and Russian quality of life.

It won’t be possible to clean “Augean stables” left by the Ukrainian government all at once but Russian government is moving in this direction and results will be felt every single day.

On the past week, following Putin V.V. direction, a number of Russian ministers visited Crimea and the city of Sevastopol’. On the next week the other group of ministers is going to pay a visit on the Crimean peninsula.

2. It is also important to popularize summer vacations in Crimea saying that it’s close, it’s safe and it’s native.


Topic: Ukraine

Main informational line of work:

– atmosphere of lawlessness, the rising chaos, Nacis obtain major politicl posts, the Minitsry of Internal Afairs is polarized with fear (all threating words after Muzychko’s death haven’t started any actions), the rise of crime that is being covered with Maidan motives, crime orgies coming from people who are led by their impunity.

– Fighting for the power in today’s government looks especially cynical on the background of rising criminal.


Topic: Progress in sport, results of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Main topics:

Success of the Russian team on the Winter Olympics. They proved that Russian is again among the world’s sport leaders.

Important for now – to strengthen this success. The main mechanism of this work is rise of mass sport activity and improving the required infrastructure;

– a very important role in this connection plays the revival of RWP “Ready to Work and Protect”

(The directive about the All-Russian sports complex “Ready to Work and Protect” was signed)”


March 28, 2014.

Source: @barabanch