Product Description

Provides immediate flushing of the eye with sterile isotonic saline solution. Wall stations hold bottles in place for quick, easy access. Single or Double Wall Stations available.

  • 32 oz. Squeeze Bottle (1 bottle, Single Wall Station, or 2 bottles, Double Wall Station)
  • Twist-off tabs – no seals to remove, no leaking caps!
  • Tamper-resistant, yet easily removed in an emergency
  • Tabs cannot be replaced after removing, indicating product has been used or tampered with
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Mount easily with peel-off self-adhesive (included) or screws
  • High visibility in any eye hazard area
  • Ready for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes and face
  • Choose from 32 oz. Single Wall Station or 32 oz. Double Wall Station
  • Single Wall Station:
  • Contains one 32 oz. squeeze bottle of Eyesaline Solution for immediate usage
  • Measures 13-