On May 9 we uploaded a video where Ukrainian soldiers who took part in antiterrorist operation, wounded a couple of pro-Russian activists and, as we thought, even shot one. As it appears, Russian propaganda and skills in sharing and creating disinformation managed to fool us and a great part of media society. We apologize for that misunderstanding. The picture looked very real and we were sure that Russia won’t speculate on deaths of people and their freedom. As it appears – Russian government is capable of doing everything including the creation of a theater performance that can fool lots of people.

To prove them wrong and to show that UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS DID NOT KILL EVEN ONE PRO-RUSSIAN ACTIVIST (we are not talking about the actual terrorists here who took their weapon and started shooting Ukrainian soldiers), here’s a documentary investigation with all the facts, people and scenario that had been played that day. This investigation material was posted on http://maidanns.blogspot.com by  Nataliya Sarazhynska in Russian. We would like to offer you a detailed translation of the article. It is another proof that Russian media and Russian strategies can be very unpredictable and very cruel.


Mariupol, May 9.

It is hard to give a name to this event: a concert, a scenario, a circus, a mask show…


Ukrainian soldiers did not kill a single person on both videos.


Before the “concert” its participants try to play their roles as good as possible and start with attacking the armored personnel carrier. To make it easier for identification, all the characters who take part in the event have been marked with numbers and called names. Their aim was to warm up the crowd, to show their fearless intention and they are the first to “jump” under tanks.

 01 Separatist in red hoodie in Mariupol

#1 Red hoodie

02 Separatist in red hoodie in Mariupol

#2 A polite one who turns to the people “Stop filming and help me out!”

03 Separatist who encourages people to stop the BTR

People are going to stop tanks with the help of rocks

04 People gathering stones to attack Ukrainian soldiers

and tires.

05 People gathering tires to stop Ukrainian soldiers

But what is that? There is something in man’s head, though – he was not attacked by anyone.

06 Man with a fake blood on his head

07 separatists are tryign to block Ukrainian armored vehicles

#4 – the actor

08 Separatist in Mariupol is getting prepared for the play

09 Separatist in Mariupol is getting prepared for the play

#4 Gives a command to start the show by putting his hands behind his head. he repeats the signal one more time for those he did not see him at the first time.

10 Separatist gives a command to start the show

11 Separatist gives a command to start the show

12 Separatist gives a command to start the show

The whole crowd starts screaming. Woman #5 screams nonstop to create the required mood.

13 Woman separatist does her best to scream very loud in order to create the necessary mood

14 Woman separatist does her best to scream very loud in order to create the necessary mood

A trio of separatists that keep on provoking Ukrainian soldiers by getting closer and closer to them despite warning shots.

15 Terrorists move in trios to provoke Ukrainian soldiers

Activists are all the same and do all the same.

16 Activists are all the same and do the same things

Separatist with a backpack – #6

17 Separatist with a backpack

#6 is the one who starts screaming first and very loud.

18 Separatist with a backpack

Separatists #6 with a backpack blocks and kicks Ukrainian armored vehicle.

19 Separatist with a backpack blocks Ukrainian machinery

Despite the characters who play there roles, there are almost no people on the streets.

20 Terrorists blocking Ukrainian machinery

There is a lonely car standing on the back that will appear in the play later on.

21 There is a lonely car standing on the back that will come in use later

Kicking armored vehicles helps to create the required condition. Also, character #7 appears at the scene.

22 Terrorists kicking armored vehicles

23 Terrorists kicking armored vehicles

Act #1: Separatist-Kamikaze in a Suite

Characters #8 and #9 join the act.

24 Separtists approach Ukrainian soldeirs in TRIO despite any warnings

#10 Separatist in a hoodie who is about to fall on his knees and start screaming.

25 separatist in a hoodie

#10 falls on his knees.

26 separatist in a hoodie

Crawls on his knees for beautiful picture.

27 separatist in a hoodie

Screams and cries.

28 separatist in a hoodie

Ukrainian soldiers are gone because they secure the movements of the armored vehicle. But separatists still come after them.

29 Separatists going after Ukrainian soldiers

Two separatists come closer to each other (#10 and #8). #8 takes out a deputy certificate. his other hand is inside his pocket.

30 Separatist shows a deputy certificate

Pay attention to the #8. His hand is still inside his pocket. Also, look at the soldier in the background: he is simply holding the rifle but is not aiming to shoot it.

31 Separatists who shot the pistol

Shots were fires one second after that moment. #10 receives a bullet in his leg. Again – pay attention to the arms of the Ukrainian soldier. HE IS NOT SHOOTING! Grandpa with the package is also an interesting personage. A second after he will scare away from #8.

32 Separatist shoots anotehr separatist for show

Now #8 walks away for the next part of the show

33 Separatist shoots anotehr separatist for show

#8 walks away. Soldier standing behind him is not shooting. #8 has something in his hands and tries to hide it.

34 Separatist is walking away after shooting the guy

Separatist imitates falling and hides his gun.

35 Separatist hides his gun

Separatists with the gun falls on the ground.

36 Separatists with a gun falls on the ground

Separatist #6 walks around with the open backpack. it could be nothing but it seems like he is waiting for the order and is ready to play his part of the show.

37 Separatist with a backpack is getting prepared for the action

Act 2: Separatist and the Killer

When Ukrainian armored vehicles were crossing the street, new personages appeared on the horizon including #11.

38 New separatists at the scene

#11 is an interesting personage because he came from the other side and when the crowd surrounded him, opened fire in the direction of Ukrainian soldiers.

39 Separatist with a gun who was shooting in Ukrainian soldiers

#11 managed to perform 4-5 shots, very quickly.

40 Terrorist with a pisol shooting Ukrainian soldiers

A person who was recording this video in two minutes started screaming: “You, fascist! We are unarmed! have you seen any assault rifles or bats in our hands? And you are killing us!”

41 Terrorist with a pistol shooting Ukrainian soldiers

42 Terrorist with a pistol shooting Ukrainian soldiers

43 Terrorist with a pistol shooting Ukrainian soldiers

Not only separatists had guns but also Molotov cocktails were at their disposal. On the video a vocie behind the camera stops the separatist with the Molotov cocktail from throwing it.

44 Terrorist with a pitsol shooting Ukrainian soldiers and anoter one with a Molotov cocktail

A man who tried to provoke both sides.

45 A man who tried to provoke both sides

46 A man who tried to provoke both sides

#11 rushes into the crows and tries to disappear. His work is done here.

47 Separatist with a pistol tries to dissapear

#11 heads to the Sarmat tent and disappears afterwards.

48 Separatist with a pistol tries to dissapear

After the work is done, he joins the other people on the side watching the show.

49 Separatist with a pistol goes away

50 Separatist with a pistol goes away

Act 3: Dead Separatist

It is not an easy task to work at this events. Sometimes, separatists are asked to play dead people. The former president of Georgia M. Saakashvili about theater performances organized by Russians. “For 5 days Russian media fed its people with horrible pictures and war scenes. There were no war as such: explosions, dead bodies, screaming people – all that was just a picture from the movie. Georgian citizens and villagers said that “everything is fine here, there is nothing even close to what you are saying.”

After #11 dissapeared behind the Sarmat tent, for some reason people started gathering near that tend. It looked like they were getting prepared for something special.

51 Separatists are getting prepared for another act of their play

Everyone (who did not take part in the theater performance) was surprised with their actions because at least there was a wounded #10 nearby who, by the way, managed to crawl on his knees a very long distance to get as closer to the soldiers as possible.

52 Separatist crawling on his knees with a shot leg

And this picture speaks for itself. A separatists on the left holding a chair and looking from behind the tent, in two seconds will be lying on the ground with a shot head. The only trick is that despite the bullet trajectory, he would have felt in a totally different way for a number of logical reasons. First of all, if the soldier on the background would have opened fire at that moment, he would have killed at least 3 separatists standing in front of the sky hiding behind the tent. Also, it does not seem logical to shoot a person whom you barely see or do not see at all. But even if the bullet would have reached separatist in the position shown on the picture, his body should have felt on the sidewalk. Instead – it appeared behind the tent.

53 Separatists wait for command and are ready to start the act

Unlike the expectations, body fall accurately behind the tent and hitting him directly in the back of the head (even though he was facing the soldiers). It is also important to mention the people standing, sitting and lying on the ground near the “shot” person. They also have their own roles and wait for the command to play them well. Look at the man on the left side. In a few seconds he will be “shot” in his legs, even though it is impossible to wound him exactly in hi legs because of the people covering the bullet trajectory and the sidewalk.

54 Separatists are getting prepared for the show act

Separatist waits for command and falls down.

55 Separatist immitates that he was shot in the leg
#7 and the woman check if others are playing the way they should instead of calling the ambulance (woman keeps her phone in her hands). They are not shocked or concerned – they are bossy.
56 Separatists check if others are playing their roles well
The number of people recording the dead body is shocking. They all make sure to take a good picture for Russian channels. At the same time, non on is calling ambulance or else even though almost all of them are shooting on smartphones. Also, some of the behaviors surprised even more than the shooting itself: it seems like people are not afraid of the dead body and step over him with no problems. If you remember the grandpa standing beforehand near the deputy #8, he steps over a man with a hole in his head without a problem as if it was a simple obstacle and not a dead body.
57 A well created dead body
I am not a coroner but despite the realistic play, his death does not seems to be real. If the body would have been shot in the position the man was standing (hiding behind the tent), the whole tent and people around his would have been covered with blood. However, it is not so. There are only splashes from the fallen head into a prepared pool (this picture was taken only seconds after the body felt down).
Also, here’s a video on which this man who should be dead starts moving without any problems and appears to be alive. With a hole in the head like this one and so many blood lost, he would have been, unless, he was not shot at the first place.

Act 4: The Wounded Separatist

The wounded separatists is not that interesting character as the people standing around him. Based on the clothes from the first act, #10 was hot and rolled on the road because of the shot wound. Though, now he has a jacket of the wounded guy on him and hopes that people won’t recognize him.

59 grieving ideological brothers

Grieving ideological brothers

60 grieving ideological brothers

The strangest thing was that almost all people present at the scene were screaming “Call the Ambulance” but no one of them actually called the medics. The guy recording the video tried to do something and after he saw a pool of blood, rushed to the car driving buy and asked to help the wounded man and get him to the hospital. They took the wounded and started carrying him to the car. But a different car and there is a reason for that. This is the moment when #11 comes into play again.

61 Separatist commands to place the guy in a different car

#11 was the one who directed separatists to the right car and commanded to bring him exactly in that one. This was the only car parked in the area and it was also a part of the play.

62 Separatist car licence plates 3438

Almost all numbers started carrying the wounded separatist to the car. Pay special attention to the woman.

63 screaming separatist

64 screaming separatist

65 screaming separatist

66 screaming separatist

These are the accidental or, maybe, not the accidental people who had been at the show but they did not throw themselves at the armored vehicles and did not try to block them.

67 Separatists at the theather play

68 Separatists at the theather play

69 Separatists at the theather play

70 Separatists at the theather play

71 Separatists at the theather play

72 Separatists at the theather play

73 Separatists at the theather play


All screenshots were taken from this video.


May 9, 2014.

Source: Maidanns Blogspot