Current situation in Ukraine is very changeable. Every day we get many different pieces of news. Unfortunatelly, our Russian “friends” try very hard to show completely different from real situation in Ukraine and Crimea. So we are going to tell you the news information at this moment.

Russians are still denying that their military forces are in Ukraine, but State Border Guard Service of Ukraine recorded 39 cases of violations of international agreements by Russian side. Russian military entered 15 vessels, there were recorded 14 cases of Russian Federation military aviation flights into Ukraine with 48 flying vehicles, also there were recorded 10 cases of border crossing in port of entry «Crimea – ferry». 139 vehicles of Russian Federation Armed Forces (including 6 APC, 111 lorries, 6 special and 7 passenger cars, 5 minibuses, 4 missile systems) crossed port of entry «Crimea – ferry» without appropriate permission from Ukrainian side.

Russian mass media report all the time in their newscasts that huge amount of people from Crimea live Ukainian borders, and to confirm their thoughts they used many fake photos and videos, they do not even try hard to photoshop them to make more realistic and appropriate for their newscasts. And if to tell the truth there are no many people who want to join Russia, most of them are provocateurs from Russia. And local people are not going to change their citizenship to Russian one.

But, unfortunatelly, today situation in Crimea is really strained and dangerous. Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars are being stopped in the streets and being asked who they are going to vote for on the referendum. If they had been against accession of Crimea to Russia or hesitated with their answer, prorussian aggressors took their passports and tore them into pieces so they could not vote.

Many Crimeans, especially Crimean Tatars, leave Crimea and go to Western regions of Ukraine (Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia regions, etc.), as they are afraid for their lives. Many Crimean families has arrived to the cities and towns of these regions, they are given places where to stay. Many families are ready to provide and share their own flats and houses with Crimean refugees. But today we got the information that many Crimeans who were leaving Crimea where not allowed to this by people on the newly established “border” between the mainland Ukraine and the peninsula of Crimea.

It is not advisable to go to Crimea. Ukrainian and international journalists and activists are not welcome there. And so-called “self-defense” representatives in collaboration with prorussian activists and Russian soldiers (even Russia denies that its military servicemen are in Crimea there are many video which affirm the contrary) try to prevent their work and activities. Also many criminal elements were noticed in “self-defense” ranks. They behave very aggressive and hostile.

In a last few days in Crimea there increased the number of beating of dissidents, proukrainian activists and even journalists. Many of them were severly beaten, and their attackers took their money, photo and video equipment, cell phones and other valuables. Some very active and infuential activists were kidnapped, among them Ihor Kiryushchenko, and we have no contact with them and have no information about location.

Five activists and journalists returned from captivity of so-called Crimean “self-defense”. They told their families and friend that in captivity over them mentally abused and severely beaten. Their relatives reported during a briefing that released ahead two groups of activists and journalists, abducted on Sunday at the entrance to Crimea, are in serious psychological condition right now.

Russian soldiers and so-called “self-defense” representatives continue their attack on Ukrainian military units, they impose ultimatums to switch on Russian side and to surrender their weapons, follow orders of the new illegitimate government of Crimea. But Ukrainians soldiers defend their posts and are not going to betray their country.

Servicemen of the 55th air defense missile regiment of Air Forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine, deployed near Evpatoria, decided not to carry out the ultimatum allegedly authorized to ensure the organization and conduct of all-Crimea referendum Yuri Sherebtsov. Command of the regiment answered on this ultimatum with denial as ther are no legitimate reason to transfer arms of military unit A-4519, they also indicated the absence of the one who issued an ultimatum to surrender, supporting documents on credentials and recommended to appeal to the supreme command.

One serious problem in current situation in Crimea is that Russia continues its information was, unfortunately, with great success, as 90% of all Ukrainian media is blocked, no Ukrainian Channel is being broadcasted, there are only a few Crimean channels that are still on air, and Russian forces broadcast Russian channels instead, using them for anti-Ukrainian propaganda.

With such a volatile situation in the region, many airlines cancel their flights to Crimea, but Russian airlines continue their regular services, refusing to comment their position to the mass media.