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Born to Win: How Ukrainian Paratroopers Hone Their Skills . VIDEO


“Military Television of Ukraine” presented a video clip devoted to Ukrainian paratroopers.

It showed how the heroes-paratroopers are training.




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“Humanitarian Escort” Transported From Russia to Ukraine. VIDEO

On the video military equipment is being shiped from Russia to Ukraine. Tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military equipment are being transported.

Video by ATOinUkraine channel.



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LNR Terrorists “Grad” Shells ATO Positions. VIDEO

Video, was taken on January, 25 (source – YouTube), shows the work of Russian MLRS “Grad” on the antiterrorist operation positions.



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  • ruined marinka

Marinka: Life on the Line of Fire. VIDEO

The city of Marinka is located near Donetsk. He iss on the line of clashes between Ukrainian security forces and illegal armed groups of “DNR”: a couple of kilometers from the Ukrainian checkpoints, just outside the city there are the terrorists’ checkpoints.

Marinka has suferred from constant shelling, public transport, ATMs, the dairy plant, the gas pipeline, part […]

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  • ruined stepanivka

Ruined by Russian Soldiers Ghost-Village Stepanivka. VIDEO

Scary footage of the ghost-village of Stepanivka in Donetsk region was posted online. In the video there you can see only ruined abandoned houses, broken appliances and stray animals.

Previously 1,300 people lived here. In August, 2014, the village became a place for fighting. In July, the village was fired with multiple rocket launchers “Grad” from the […]

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Donetsk “Cyborgs” Destroyed Terrorist Tanks. VIDEO

One of the “cyborgs” posted video in the network, where you can see how the ATO forces destroy terrorist tanks. The video was recorded on October 4 by militaryman from Zaporizhia Viacheslav Zaitsev but unveiled only on December 11, according to the Patriots of Ukraine.




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  • donetsk airport ruins

“Cyborg” from Zaporizhia Showed Ruins of New Donetsk Airport Terminal. VIDEO

Defender of the Donetsk airport showed what had left of the burned building of the new terminal in Donetsk airport.

Video by Slava Zaitsev.




  • flag of ukraine in donetsk airport

“Cyborgs” Set Flag of Ukraine on Meteorological Tower in Donetsk Airport. VIDEO

Ukrainian fighters- volunteers, who defend Donetsk airport, raised the flag of Ukraine on the meteorological tower.

Video of the patriotic special operation was posted one of the volunteers Stefanishin Vladimir on his Facebook page.




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  • donetsk airport

One Night in the Area of ATO. VIDEO

Video-project “Reality”. Author Anna Dombrovska came under mortar fire near Donetsk airport.




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Battalion “Artemivsk” Discovered Arsenal of Deadly Weapons. PHOTO+VIDEO

At night on December 2 to 3 battalion “Artemivsk” discovered an arsenal of lethal weapons at the recreation center in Krasnyi Luch, which is owned by city mayor Leonid Perebyinis .