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  • Siryk Kostyantyn Mykhailovych

Siryk Kostyantyn Mykhailovych – Recruted FSB Agent

Siryk Kostyantyn Mykhailovych (Сірик Костянтин Миколайович) – former Major-General of the Security Services of Ukraine, former deputy of the special police unit “Alpha” and an agent of the Russian FSB. During his service in the Security Service of Ukraine Kostyantyn Siryk did not hide his connection with the Russian special forces (FSB). During Yanukovych’s rule as a […]

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  • 11 Separatists in Donetsk

Faces of Separatism

While Russian government together with Regional and Communist parties of Ukraine state that Ukrainian politics have to stop the antiterrorist operation and hear out the peaceful, unarmed activists in the East, activists themselves sabotage their “peacefulness” and update their profiles with photos where they hold guns and take part in mass protests against Ukrainian unity. […]

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  • Barkashov Oleksandr

Barkashov Oleksandr

Barkashov Oleksandr (Баркашов Олександр) – the head of “Oleksandr Barkashov” movement, Russian coordinator. His responsibility is to give orders to separatists in Donetsk.

On May 7 he contacted separatist executor in Donetsk Boitsov and ordered him to falsify the results of upcoming referendum regarding People’s republic of Donetsk and its separation from Ukraine. This conversation was intercepted by Ukrainian side.

His […]

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Bilousov Maksym Yuriyovuch

Bilousov Maksym Yuriyovuch (Білоусов максим Юрійович), Russian saboteur, the head of saboteur group in Zaporizhya region. Was trained  in the city of Tahanroh (Russian federation). His task was to saboteur a military base in Zaporizhya and take part in mass protests in Luhans’k region, the city of Antracyt.

On May 7 Bilousov Maksym Yuriyovuch and his saboteur group was arrested.

Bilousov […]

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  • Anastasov Serhiy

Anastasov Serhiy

Anastasov Serhiy (Анастасов Сергій) – was born in Simferopol’. Took part in storming administrative buildings in Donec’k region.

Vkontakti page


Source: Korrespondent Net

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  • Shelest Dmytro

Shelest Dmytro “Kharkivskyi”

Shelest Dmytro “Kharkivskyi” (Шелест Дмитро «Харківський») – a member of pro-Russian fighting club “Oplot.” Took active part in separatist actions in Slovyans’k. Was born in Rostov-na-Donu. Also took part in pro-Russian protests.

Vkontakte page


Source: Ukrains’ka Pravda


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  • Piterskyi Edward Front

Piterskyi Edward

Piterskyi Edward (Пітерський Едвард) – a member of pro-Russian fighting club “Oplot.” In his bio mentioned Harkiv as the native town. He is also signed for anti-Ukrainian, pro-Russian and Berkut related groups, ideologically supports Russian intentions to occupy the South-eastern Ukraine and make them a part of Russian Federation.

Vkontakte page


Source: Ukrains’ka Pravda

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  • Zloy Yevheniy

Zloy Yevheniy

Zloy Yevheniy (Злой Євгеній) – took part in separatist activity in Slovyans’k and Kramators’k. Was also involved in storming operation on the City Council in Slovyans’k. Enjoys taking pictures with weapons.

Ponomaryov Yevheniy (left) and Zloy Yevheniy (right)

Was born in 1985, July 21. Has a certain connection with Don Cossacks.

Ponomaryov Yevheniy (top left), Mozhaiskyi Oleksandr (top right), […]

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  • Heorhiyivskyi Ihor

Heorhiyivskyi Ihor

Heorhiyivskyi Ihor (Георгіївський Ігор) – was seen in Slovyansk. Took part in separatist storming operation on Ukrainian airfield. Took a picture in front of the helicopter on a captured airfield.

Happens to be a citizen of Simferopol, Crimea. In the beginning of March participated in pro-Russian protests in Simferopol’.

Vkontakte page


Source: Ukrains’ka Pravda

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  • Hanychev Oleksandr 12

Hanychev Oleksandr

Hanychev Oleksandr (Ганичев Олександр) – was seen on the territory of Crimean peninsula. On his Vkontakte page has lots of picture him holding weapon. Also, has a photo album called “Crimean Front” that confirms his presence in Crimea. Besides, Hanychev is signed on lots of anti-Ukrainian, pro-Russian and Berkut connected groups.

Based on his bio, Hanychev […]

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