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Igor “Bes” Bezler Was Eliminated by Russian Special Services

Leader of one of the gangs Igor Bezler, aka “Bes” was eliminated by Russian special services. The terrorist was destroyed because of disobedience.

This was reported by a former adviser to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksandr Danylyuk.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense does not currently comment on this information.



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Gang of “Motorola” in Faces and Names. PHOTO

Selection of photos and names of terrorists-accomplices of the car washer from Russia, who moonlights as so-called terrorist “Motorola” now in Ukraine, were posted in Twitter.

Tremba Roman Viktorovych, born 08/20/1977, from Kharkiv

Shcholokov Aleksander Ivanovich, born 09/16/1994, from Kurulk

Prosolov Vladislav Alekseevich, born 06/22/1992, from Makiivka

Polunin Yevheniy Yuryevich, born 09/02/1987, from Snizhne

Dolgih Aleksey Viktorovich, born 01/07/1982, from Donetsk

Azizov Aleksandr […]

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Girkin’s Resignation – “Seems to Be Dead”

According to a source in the ATO headquarters, the leader of the militant DNR/DPR (the Donetsk People’s Republic) Girkin is either killed or in very heavy condition, what is evidenced by his sudden resignation from the post of DNR Minister of Defense. Most likely he will be never seen again. The unnamed source also said that Girkin had been killed or wounded as […]

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Rostov Area – Russian Tanks Are Coming Closer

More Russian tanks are brought to Rostov area


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Russian Soldiers Keep Coming To Donbas

Russian soldier was taken in captivity in Donbas – Andrew Serhejevich Balobanov (Балобанов Андрей Сергеевич) born 12.23.1994
He was on duty in motorized company in military unit 65349 of Central Military Region of Lend Army of Russian Federation.

His military ticket is АН 1309063 and badge СУ 078317.

Lives in Omsk region, Krutynskyi area, village Panovo (Омская область, Крутинский […]

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  • Bulatov Running

What Happened, Dima? – Part 2

The next part. The articles “What Happened Dima?” are not my own experience. This is the experience of a person whose  original article can be found in ‘Source” at the bottom. We trust this source. We did the translation as it was in original speaking from the first person.

In March 20, 2014 I got a call […]

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  • Anatolij Klian

Anatolij Klian – A Hero or A Killer?

Anatolij Klian as we were told was a cameraman of Russian 1 – st Channel. But would a cameraman own an automated gun and carry it around? Where is his camera? Maybe he wasn’t a hero . . .



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What Happened, Dima? – Part 1

First of all Let me introduce Dmytro Bulatov – right now the Minister of Youth and Sport of Ukraine – before claimed to be active leader of Automaidan standing for Europe integration of Ukraine. He was ‘tortured’ by ‘Russian SWAT’ and lost part of his ear but was it really like that? Before that he […]

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  • Hruzdenko Nataliya Valentynivna

Hruzdenko Nataliya Valentynivna – Terrorist Leader in Mariupol

Hruzdenko Nataliya Valentynivna (Грузденко Наталію Валентинівну) aka “Baba Natasha” (Баба Наташа)– a leader of terrorists gunmen of the People’s Republic of Donetsk in Mariupol. She is responsible for controlling terrorist gunmen in the city of Mariupol. Also, gun and ammo supplies used to be her responsibility. On June 17, 2014 Ukrainian soldiers arrested “Baba Natasha” […]

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Skorohvatov Sergiy Ivanovich

Skorohvatov Serhiy Ivanovich (Скорохватов Сергій Іванович) – the head of International association of “Alpha” unit veterans. He has been the head of the association for more than 15 years. Beside the fact that this is a public organization, not a single appointment on a responsible position inside Alpha unit is not performed without his approval. […]

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