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ATO Hero Received Medal. PHOTO

Alexander Mosuleha, a soldier of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade, got his reward.

Photos by Sergey Diveevo.




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Division of 69th Brigade in Millerovo. PHOTO

During OSINT-reconnaissance the arrival of units from the 69th Brigade was recorded at Millerovo. This is stated in the InformNapalma investigation.

Profiles of soldiers from Birobidzhan confirm this information that was identified during OSINT investigation. For example, tanker Bayir-Sanaa Hopuunay depicts his two-week trip route from Birobidzhan to Millerovo.




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Foreigners in the “Zakharchenko’s Army” in Donbas. PHOTO

Earlier, the terrorists leader Zakharchenko announced the so-called mobilization into the ranks of illegal armed groups.

After some time, the results of “mobilization” showed that residents of Donbas do not want to become soldiers, so in the terrorists ranks foreigners appeared.

Photo from Twitter.




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Russian Students Apologized to Ukrainians. VIDEO

On the day of the completion of the conversation about peace in Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg students recorded their appeal to students of Ukraine. They apologized to Ukrainian people about the situation in Ukraine. They said, that they are againsk war too. They do not want war!

Video by the “Open Russia” channel.




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Ukrainians Near White House Demanded to Provide Military Assistance to Ukraine. PHOTO.

Ukrainians gathered in Washington under the walls of the White House demanding from the President Barack Obama to provide military assistance to Ukraine and take more serious sanctions against Russia, UNIAN reports.



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DNR Flags Are Given to Russian Soldiers in Rostov Region. PHOTO

Another Russian soldier, who is in Rostov region, published a photo of DNR flag.





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“Looks Quite Healthy” – Fugitive Ex-premier Azarov Was Seen in Moscow Clinic. VIDEO

Ex-prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov was seen in a private clinic “Medsi” in Moscow.

According to Tsenzor.NET with reference to “Ukrainska Pravda”, Russian journalist Saken Aymurzayev informed about Azarov’s stay at the clinic.

Wanted by the authorities of Ukraine and Interpol, Mykola Azarov goes at the hallway of the clinic. But he looks healthy and is […]

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Saint Petersburg Sang About Putin, That He Is – Hello. Video

On January 15 a world’s known song about the Russian president was sung at the protest in St. Petersburg.

The song was performed by Michael Novitsky, many people sang with him.

Source –




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Terrorists Were in Command of a Woman at the Airport. PHOTO

On the photo below – Ilona Banevich, nickname “Bonya”. According to our sources, she is the commander of RDG “Hrom”, that was attacking our soldiers on Saturday in Donetsk airport.

“Bonya” has two “heorhiivskykh khresty” of DNR, one of them – is from Strelkov-Hirkin Slovyansk. The second – for the “job” in Ilovaisk …

She was rises to […]

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Yanukovych and Azarov are Declared Wanted by Interpole

The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, the former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and several other ex-officials are in search of the Interpol. This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov in his Facebook.

“Today, a few months after the appeal in March 2014, argumentation and explanation, Interpol, according to a prepared query […]

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