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Military Hospital in Artemivsk Received Medicines and Equipment. PHOTO

Valuable medical equipment and medicines were given to a military hospital at Artemivsk by volunteers.

It is reported by a volunteer group “Bakhmut Ukrainian” on their Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Medical equipment was delivered from Germany. There all the medical usefulness for Artemivsk hospital. Medicines and supplies will be issued in surgery and traumatology at the arrival of fighter […]

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Humanitarian Aid For Soldiers. PHOTO

The volunteers of the Army SOS talk about another thousand-kilometre march to the positions of our troops in the ATO area and report about their work.

It is reported in FB by Army SOS volunteer Alina Mykhailova.

“Our Marines delivered a parcel from Fedor from Kiev, where there was food, cigarettes, filters for water and other necessary things. They also […]

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New Tablets For Tankers. PHOTO

17 tank brigade received tablets with special software from volunteers.

The volunteer Maria Habrova said about it on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Our tankers sent a photo report! They are very responsible! With the help of CRYTEK Ukraine and the canadian Foundation for assistance to the Ukrainian Army Friends Of Ukraine Defense Forces Fund, our 17th tank […]

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Volunteers Brought Medicines to 93 brigade. PHOTO

The army of Volunteers of the Dnipro visited one of the units of the brigade 93 once again.

The volunteers brought medicines, sweatshirts, tasty chocolate, watermelons, pies.

Photos by the author Serhiy Diveyev, “IP-Dnepr”.




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New Volunteers in “Carpathian Sich”. PHOTO

Volunteers of the “Carpathian Sich” took the oath of enlistment.

“Carpathian Sich” on their Facebook page informs about it on Thursday.




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More and More Poles Prepare to Defend Their Country. PHOTO

Due to the continued aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a growing number of conscientious citizens who want to defend their country in Poland increases. Polish organization “Movement for the promotion of the Territorial Defense organization”  conducted another comprehensive military training for members of the organization on July 4-5.

It is reported by Lubuskie department on their […]

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Volunteers Bought Weapon for Snipers. PHOTO

Several volunteer groups together with the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and thousands of sponsors from across the country have implemented a unique project – trained and supplied with the most modern equipment and weapons snipers of 79th brigade.

Volunteer group “Povernys zhyvym” (“Return alive”) reported about it on their Facebook page on Friday.

A unique […]

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NATO Sailors Train to Destroy Submarines at the Baltic Sea. PHOTO

Soldiers of the ten member countries of NATO and Sweden plan to work during the maneuvers of anti-detection and destruction of submarines of imaginary enemy.

This is stated on the website of the Alliance in Facebook.

“NATO trainings called Dynamic Mongoose 2015 began in Norway, on Monday, May 4. The maneuvers will last until May 14,  such countries […]

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Germany Gave Demining Metal Detectors to Ukrainians. PHOTO

Ukrainian soldiers received 50 metal detectors for demining in the ATO area from the German authorities, the press service of GosChS informs.

German Ambassador Christoph Weil handed over it to Ukrainian special equipment department. The total value of metal detectors is almost 102 thousand euros.

“These metal detectors will be immediately directed to the east, where our pyrotechnic […]

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Russian Students Apologized to Ukrainians. VIDEO

On the day of the completion of the conversation about peace in Minsk, Moscow and St. Petersburg students recorded their appeal to students of Ukraine. They apologized to Ukrainian people about the situation in Ukraine. They said, that they are againsk war too. They do not want war!

Video by the “Open Russia” channel.




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