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  • Last Unknown Hero Who Had Died near Ilovaisk Was Buried

The Last Unknown Hero Who Had Died near Ilovaisk Was Buried. VIDEO. PHOTO

According to, on Thursday, January 14, the last unidentified soldier of the 117-year-Ukrainian heroes who had died in Ilovaisk kettle and transported in Zaporozhia for identification, was buried at Kushugumsk cemetery near Zaporizhia.

Dozens of local residents, military personnel, ATO veterans, volunteers, representatives of local authorities and the priests came to say last farewell to the nameless soldier.





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ATO Soldiers Returned to Zaporizhia. PHOTO

About 200 members of the National guard of Ukraine, who perform combat tasks in the ATO area returned to Zaporizhia.

The press-center of NSU informed about it on Tuesday.

Relatives and friends, and volunteers met soldiers with flowers, cakes and balloons.

Soldiers of the artillery battalion of the 9th regiment of special forces of the national guard served near Mariupol, […]

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Guardsmen Returned From ATO Area. PHOTO

Soldiers returned from ATO area on July 12 in Zaporizhia.

The press service of the NSU informed about it on Monday.




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Russian Soldier was Sentenced to 13 Years Imprisonment. PHOTO. VIDEO

“At the end of May 2014 during a special operation in Berdyansk raion of Zaporizhia region, SBU detained militant and confiscated his 73 crates of weapons delivered by sea from the occupied territory of Crimea. Law enforcers seized one of the biggest parties of weapons: 24 RPG-22, 5 RPK, PKM 3, 88 AK-74, 920 grenades RGD-5, […]

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  • demolished statue of lenin in zaporizhia

Another Lenin Was Demolished in Zaporizhia. PHOTO

“Lenin-fall” continues.




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German Humanitarian Aid Arrived in Zaporizhia. PHOTO

The first 8 trucks of humanitarian aid came in Zaporizhia from Germany on October 17.

Humanitarian aid, in particular, includes appliances, medical equipment, medicines, clothes and other basic necessities.




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Another Russian Soldier Permanently “Lost” in Ukraine. PHOTO

Another “Cargo-200” (dead) arrived in the city of Kasimov, Ryazan region: Junior Sergeant Vladislav Barakov permanently “lost” in the east of Ukraine.

Junior Sergeant Barakov Vladislav Aleksandrovich

City: Kasimov, Ryazan region of Russia

Military unit 54096 – the 6th Independent TankChenstokhovskaya Krasnoznamennaya Brigade, is a part of the 20th Field Army, with the headquarters in Mulino.

The mournful poem about the dead […]

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Berdyansk Warned Terrorists

The billboard warning separatists that “there will not be warning shots” appeared at the entrance to the city of Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region.

“Separatists, if you have a desire to take up arms and to direct them against civilians of Berdyansk or dictate your terms, there will not be warning shots”.




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20 Terrorists Posing as Refugees Were Arrested Near Berdyansk

20 terrorists in the guise of refugees were arrested in Zaporizhia region.

It was reported by Head of Berdyansk RSA (Raion State Administration) Yuriy Pohorelyi.

According to him, among the detainees there were wounded terrorists who were “resting up” in Berdyansk, and the coordinators of mass unrest and pro-Russian meetings.




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