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Vuhlehirsk and Trekhizbenka Residents Run From “Russian Peace”. PHOTO

The inhabitants of Donbas continue to run away from the occupied areas by terrorists.

In particular, residents of Vuhlehirsk and Trekhizbenka.

Photo – from social networks (the first photo was taken in Vuhlehirsk, and the rest in Trekhizbenka).




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Russian “Cossacks” on Eve of Epiphany Were Shelling of “Grad” Church in Trekhizbenka. PHOTO

Russian “Cossacks” fired Orthodox Church in Trekhizbenka, Luhansk region on January 18 – the eve of the Epiphany.

The head of Luhansk regional administration, Genady Moskal, on his website informs, that the shell of the “Grad” damaged the wall, the metal doors, several windows flown out.

“The church is located in the center of the village, there aren’t close military locations […]

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