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A Gang of Corrupt Cops Was Caught in the Area of ATO. PHOTO

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) together with the Military Prosecutor’s Office of ATO forces detained senior detective of the Criminal Investigation along with his accomplice in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region. The criminals regularly demanded money from offenders for the failure of the criminal liability.

It was reported by the SBU press-service on Friday, October 9th.




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ATO Soldiers Strengthen Positions in the North of Lugansk Region. VIDEO

Ukrainian military strengthens position in the north of Luhansk region, digging trenches and erecting dugout. ATO headquarters increased the Luhansk group, fighters of battalions, who were already taking part in the battles with terrorists, arrived to checkpoints near Sievierodonetsk.




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Rescuers Brought 35 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Luhansk Region. PHOTO

On November 5, the State Emergency Service delivered 35 tons of humanitarian aid in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region.




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“Internet-Terrorist” Was Caught In Sievierodonetsk

According to SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) press center, in Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk region, SBU counterintelligence detained citizen of Ukraine “K”, born in 1996, who spread incitement in the Internet to commit terrorist acts against the Ukrainian government, military of Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement officials.

According to the investigation data, “K” intended to organize an armed attack on […]

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