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Days in Luhansk While “LNR”. PHOTO. VIDEO

Arriving in Luhansk, a local resident drove through the city and showed its current state. Basically a “tour” was in the center of Luhansk. “In the morning, passing through the city, it seems that Luhansk remained the same. But when you go from Soviet street, and you feel the emptiness of the city” — Luhansk […]

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Life in Pervomaisk During ATO. PHOTO

The resident of Pervomaisk showed the life of his native city in photos. Only in a few photos, we can see the consequences of the attacks. Other photos show the daily life of an ordinary people. Photo were posted on a social network in a “Pervomaisk” group.




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Military Equipment “Museum” in the Occupied Luhansk. PHOTO

The representatives of Luhansk motorcycle club “Night wolves — Donbass” announced about the foundation of the Museum of military equipment. It is reported by

The vehicles were destroyed in the fighting, some were completely destroyed, and some were completely “burned”.




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Vuhlehirsk – How People Live in Ruins. VIDEO

Once picturesque Ukrainian city Hatsapetivka, the Communists renamed in Vuhlehirsk, and now Russian-terrorist gangs destroy the city.

Video “Vuhlehirsk 2015” published in the network by user ATO-WAROnDonbass.




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Ruins in Stanytsia Luhanska. PHOTO

Village of Stanytsia Luhanska is shelled every day by soldiers, Kyiv Radar informs about it.

Photos were published by users of the social network.

“Stanytsia-Luhanska after the shelling on June 27/28/29 2015!!! The attacks are from the monument to Prince Igor starting from 23.00! With all kinds of weapons!” – journalist Peter Kovalev wrote it on his page.




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How Airport in Luhansk Looks Like. PHOTO

New photos of destroyed Luhansk airport periodically are published in the network. Motorist posted photos of his trip to the airport on June 19, 2015, according to the Informant.




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Ruins of One More Village in Luhansk Region. PHOTO

Village of Bobrove, Popasna raion, Luhansk region was hit by “Grad” on the night of June 23. About 35 shells hit the town, several of them exploded in a residential area. It is reported by a press-service of the head of Luhansk region Gennady Moskal.

Eight houses on two streets are partially destroyed and damaged as a […]

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The Peaceful Village of Nyzhnie Was Shelled. PHOTO

Soldiers shelled the peaceful village of Nyzhnie, Papasna raion of Luhansk region at night on June 22. It was reported by  ATO press centre.

The settlement wasn’t fired for about four months. This time, the militants opened fire at 03.55 and stopped the attacks at 04.06. Fired in the direction of Kirovsk, from the territory controlled by […]

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How Town of Stakhanov Looks Like. PHOTO

Town of Stakhanov, Luhansk region, that suffered more than others from the fighting, gradually returns to civilian life. People repair roofs and facades damaged by shells, according to Many houses in the village are without glazing. Only one store works in the town.




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Defense Constructions From Mariupol to Stanytsia Luhanska. PHOTO

Defensive construction is being built throughout the front from Mariupol to Stanytsia Luhanska. This is reported by “Podrobnosti”.

According to the source, these fortifications have to help defend a possible attack of fighters and Russian regular units.