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Ukrainians Try to Restore Destroyed Infrastructure In Donbas. PHOTO

Group of civil-military cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has begun to repair the gas pipeline near Novoaydarsky raion, Luhansk region.

This was informed at the traditional briefing by the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, ATO Colonel Andrei Lysenko.

Part of the pipeline runs through occupied territory, and there are mined areas. Military experts, engineers and observers […]

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A Cache With Weapon Was Found Near Schastya. PHOTO

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine together with the police found a cache with a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition in the area of ATO in the city of Shastya, Luhansk region. It is reported by the press-service SBU.

“Means of destruction were hidden in the former police training institutions in the city of Schastya where […]

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Destroyed Infrastructure of Pervomaisk. PHOTO

The inhabitants of the occupied town of Pervomaisk, Luhansk region showed how a local Sports Palace looks like today. Judging by the photos, the building was severely damaged during the fighting and is in disrepair, writes The roof has huge holes. Dust instead of water in the pool. According residents of Pervomaysk, the “authorities” do […]

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Destroyed Lyceum in Pervomaisk. PHOTO

Professional mining Lyceum named after O. Bakhmut was destroyed as a result of shellings in the city of Pervomaisk, Luhansk region. Pictures of the terrible ruin in school were published in the Internet.




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Car Packed With Grenade Launchers Was Found in Luhansk Region. PHOTO

Former members of one of the volunteer battalions planned to transferred two major parties of weapons and ammunition. A presscenter of SBU of Ukraine informed about it. Weapons of mass destruction was found by SBU in Novoaydarskyi and Starobelsky districts of Luhansk region during a special operation.

A car loaded with grenade launchers, explosive blocks, landmines […]

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Bomb Shelters at Schools of Pervomaisk. PHOTO

The bomb shelters are at schools of occupied Pervomaisk. City residents have posted photos of the basement bomb shelter of school №30, reports the Informator on Sunday.




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How Terrorists Destroy Infrastructure of Donbas. PHOTO

SCCC observers recorded a mortar attack on Shchastya in the direction of Vesela Hora, on August 5, from 20.45 till 21.22. According to the results of the shelling with 82 mm mortar rounds, high-voltage line (220 kV) “Lysychansk” was damaged. This was reported by the press center of the ATO.

The Northern part of Luhansk region […]

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Destroyed “Fortress” In Stanytsia Luhanska. PHOTO

Cafe “Fortress” was damaged in Stanytsia Luhanska. A press-service of the State service of emergency situations reports about it.

“An artillery shell fell in the cafe. The fire destroyed the floors, and furniture” – is noted in press service.




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What Happened to Stanytsia Luhanska. PHOTO

Five houses were destroyed as a result of shelling at night of August 2 in Stanytsia Luhanska. The fire destroyed three houses on Lermontov street. House №13 was completely destroyed by fire. Shells also fell in the house No. 60 on 1-th May street.




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Volunteers Brought Medical Equipment to Luhansk Region. PHOTO

Charitable organization “Edyna Simya” has provided medical equipment for surgical departments in the cities of Horske and Lysychansk. Electrocardiographs, electrosurgical apparatus, ultrasonic diagnosis system, monitors were brought to the hospital. A press-service of civil-military administration in Luhansk regional informs about it.

Medical equipment was met by the Deputy head of the Luhansk regional state administration Olga […]

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