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Workers of Akhmetov’s Mines in Krasnodon Began to Receive Their Wages in Rubles

The power line was dragged from Russia in Krasnodon. Journalist Roman Bochkala wrote about it on his Facebook page referring to local residents.

“Now, they drag the line to Luhansk. The task is to supply Luhandon independently from Ukraine. In case if they can not take control over Shchastia, where TPS (thermal power station) is,” Bochkala wrote.

In addition, he said that the […]

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Convoy of Russian Military Equipment near Krasnodon. VIDEO

Here you can see the column of Russian military vehicles and equipment. The video was made near Krasnodon on Septeber 2, 2014.



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Planes of Air Forces of Ukraine Conducted Missile and Bomb Attacks on “LNR” Terrorists

Yesterday, the planes of Air Force of Ukraine, within the antiterrorist operation, conducted missile and bomb attacks on places of accumulation of manpower and equipment of “LNR” terrorists in the area of Molodohvardiysk and Samsonivka (Krasnodon raion, Luhansk region).

In response, the terrorists opened fire on the aircraft of the air defense missile system “Pantsyr” (“Armour”), located in the area […]

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ATO Forces Aviation Destroyed Convoy of Pro-Russian Terrorists near Krasnodon

Aviation of ATO forces destroyed the convoy of pro-Russian terrorist with accurate air strike near Krasnodon.

Ukrainian aviation continues its work. The aviation caused the exact impact on the column of pro-Russian terrorists in Krasnodon of Luhansk region, as a result of which it was stopped. Terrorists suffered heavy losses.



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Lysenko Named 11 Hotspots in the Eastern Ukraine

In Donbass, tense situation remains in such areas: Alchevsk, Krasny Luch, Krasnodon, Horlivka, Ilovaisk, Torez, Luhansk, Makiivka, Shakhtarsk, Snizhne, Donetsk. There’re active ongoing hostilities.

NSDC (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) information-analytical center spokesman Andriy Lysenko reported about this during the briefing.

According to him, for the past 24 hours the soldiers entered in fire contact with the […]

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Russian Tank Destroyed Trolleybus And Killed The Driver

 Russian tank driver didn’t go properly and hit a trolleybus parked at the station in Krasnodon. As the result trolleybus driver died.



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