• Armored Boat Giurza-M Was Launched in Kyiv

Armored Boat “Giurza-M” Was Launched in Kyiv. PHOTO. VIDEO

A small armored artillery boat “Giurza-M”, which corresponds to the NATO standards, was created in Ukraine.

This information was presented by the commander of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Vice Admiral Sergiy Haiduk

According to him, one of the features of this project is that the whole process from design to manufacture of the boats took a […]

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Fighting Near Verkhovna Rada: One Guardsman Died. PHOTO. VIDEO

One of the police officers, who was injured in a protest action near Verkhovna Rada, died. Man, who throw a grenade was caught.

UP reports about it on on Monday.

About a hundred policemen and national guardsmen were injured because of a grenade explosion, is said by the press service of the interior Ministry of Ukraine.

“According to preliminary […]

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Cache of 4 kg of Explosives and Weapons Found in Kyiv. VIDEO. PHOTO

In the industrial area of the Darnitsky district of Kyiv, the Ukrainian security Service discovered a cache with explosives, weapon and ammunition.

The press-service of SBU informed about it on Thursday.

“Employees of SBU found carefully camouflaged cache with explosives: eight cylindrical TNT blocks THEM-82, six checkers on 75 grams each, six TNT blocks with holes under the detonators, […]

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Military Trainings of Special Forces – “Sokol”. PHOTO

The leadership of the regional Central Board of militia enabled the preparation of operational services and departments to work in combat conditions. Specialists experienced in first aid, unarmed combat, tactical and fire training are training soldiers every day. It is reported by OSO HUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

Special forces “Sokol” HUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk […]

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OUN Soldiers Took the Oath and Are Going to the Front. PHOTO

Soldiers and commanders of OUN-APU military units took the oath of allegiance to God, Ukraine and OUN.

The press service of the OUN informed about it on Thursday.

“Two lieutenant colonels, two majors, a captain, in general – 18 officers and the priest took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian nation and […]

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Unknown Photos of Shootings at Maidan Were Published on the Internet. PHOTO (18+)

Activists published previously unknown photos of brutal executions of activists at the Maidan in Ukraine.

The photos were posted on the Facebook page of the “Maidan on February 18-20. As it was” community on Tuesday.

The author of these photos is a Photographer from Budapest Alan Turgutoglu.

On the photos – the terrible shootings on February 20 at Institutska street.




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Canada Gave Night-vision Devices to the National Guard. PHOTO

The Government of Canada gave night vision devices to the National Guard of Ukraine on April 28. It is reported by the press service of the NHU.

There is 51 set of modern equipment.

“This is equipment will help your forces in the struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country”, – said the Minister of […]

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Supporting Fighters from “Right Sector” Protest. PHOTO

There was a protest of supporting fighters from the “Right Sector” at the corner of Instytutska and Bankova streets in Kyiv. Then activists went to the Administration of the President.

This is reported by the correspondent Censor NET.

According to the activist of “Right Sector”, who is leading the rally, today’s action is political, “no one is […]

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3000 Ukrainian Paratroopers Have Military Trainings. PHOTO

Tactical trainings are conducted by a military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the press service of the Ministry of Defence informed about it.

According to the press service, the trainings are held with the participation of about 3,000 paratroopers and more than 400 cars and armored vehicles.




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New Military Aircraft An-178 Was Produced in Ukraine. PHOTO

New Ukrainian military aircraft An-178 was presented in the state enterprise “Antonov”.

AN-178 is designed to replace obsolete An-26, An-32 and An-72, LB.ua informes.

The Construction of the first aircraft began in 2013. The plane was created on the basis of the passenger An-158.




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