Kernes’ APC Will Be Given To National Guard

APC, found by Kharkiv activists in the garage of the municipal enterprise, controlled by the city mayor Hennadiy Kernes, will be given to the needs of the ATO.

APC will be delivered to the battalion Kharkiv-2, which is in Sloviansk.




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Sloviansk Demands Lustration and Expulsion of Separatist Authorities. PHOTO

Sloviansk residents with cries of “Shame” required lustration of the current city authorities.

Since morning Sloviansk activists began picketing the city hall to protest against the possible appointment to the position of Sloviansk deputy mayor Vadim Liah and Valeriy Radchenko. The activists prepared garbage cans for them.




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Battalion “Kyiv-1” Found Separatists’ Lair in Sloviansk

While patrolling Sloviansk Battalion “Kyiv-1” found the lair of the separatists.

Running away terrorists left here most of their belongings, including maps with the location of Ukrainian checkpoints.

Floors in the building were littered with used syringes, many bottles of alcohol. There were revealed several bundles with a strange powder and a lot of vials.

Now the guys […]

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How Terrorists Escaped From Sloviansk

Terrorists were running away scared and shocked. We state that judging on the fact they left their new equipment and escaped. The fresh boxes from Russia with Russian equipment were simply left everywhere being the proof of Russian cooperation with terrorists.


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The Battle on Mountain Karachun, Sloviansk 7/2/2014

The battles continue and the video is from the mountain Karachun, Slavyansk


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Sloviansk – Artem Region After the Attack 07/01/2014

The video of Slavyansk after the attacks – buildings destroyed, people have no place to live

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Helicopter Destroyed at Sloviansk

Pro Russian terrorists destroyed helicopter near Slavyansk. 9 soldiers were killed




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ATO Forces Attack Terrorist Positions in Sloviansk

The city of Sloviansk is still one of the most dangerous places in eastern Ukraine. On this video Ukrainian soldiers attack the positions of terrorist forces with APC and mortar fire. One of the soldiers said that there are no more civilians in the area and that terrorists attack their positions all the time

“For 2 […]

  • Ukrainian sniper controls the block post

Ukrainian Forces at the Block Post in Sloviansk


June 12, 2014.

Source: Liga News