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Terrorists Tanks Moved From Donetsk to Novoazovsk. PHOTO

During the past two days, displacement of MLRS “Grad”, armored vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, fuel trucks, a significant number of vehicles with tent personnel and ammunition was monitored from the territory of the Russian Federation through the checkpoint “Izvarino”. In addition to that, the movement into the city of Novoazovsk of a large number of tanks, “Grad” and […]

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Russian Terrorists Shell With “Grad” in Novoazovsk Towards Mariupol. VIDEO

Very peaceful truce or how the terrorists shell with “Grad” from Novoazovsk towards Mariupol during the ceasefire.







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Russian Soldiers Capture all Not Local Ukrainians in Novoazovsk

Armed Forces of Russia took from captured Novoazovsk (Donetsk region) all the people without local registration.

This was reported by “Ukrainian News” (“Ukrainski novyny”) referring to the informed source.

According to the message, the Russian soldiers conducted clearing of the city. During it people from other cities of Ukraine were detained for questioning about the purpose of staying in […]

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Remains of the 98th Brigade of Russian Troops near Novoazovsk

This is all what is left of the 98th brigade of Russian troops near Novoazovsk



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