• Explosives Were Hidden in the Center of Mariupol

Explosives Were Hidden in the Center of Mariupol. PHOTO

According to the press service of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in Donetsk region, in the center of Mariupol, the law enforcement officers found ammunition and explosives.

“In Mariupol in the car of “Chrysler” found two hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, anti-personnel mines, two hand grenades “F-1”, two electric detonators and about 400 […]

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Trainings of Soldiers Near Mariupol. PHOTO

24 hours a day, seven days a week marines spend in training. They are defending Mariupol direction. It is reported by the ATO press center.

“The guys are learning constantly and persistently to repel the attacks. And learn to shoot accurately and precisely from all kinds of light and heavy weapons.

According to the commander, this is an […]

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ATO Soldiers Have Military Trainings Near Mariupol. PHOTO

Division of ATO forces that defend the area near ​​Mariupol, have activities of combat coordination.

The press center of the ATO informed about it on Tuesday.

“Clearly know their place in the ranks. To be able to effectively use the entire arsenal of available forces and means. Be prepared for unexpected events during the battle … These questions are the […]

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Military Engineers Neutralized a Minefield Near Mariupol. PHOTO

Armed Forces of Ukraine have found and defused a large minefield near the village of Hnutovo.

This was reported by the press officer of the sector “M” – Taras Hren in FB.

According to the military, a minefield was laid by specialists with high professional training.

Anti-personnel mines, which are banned by international conventions were found there too.

Overall, […]

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Restless Holiday of Mariupol Tankers. PHOTO

Mariupol bridgehead is protected with “armored wall” and the powerful armored units. This is stated in the press-center of the ATO. And although, according to the Minsk Agreement, all of these units were set aside for a specified distance, staff is trying to productively and usefully use every day of the rest.

“The intensive combat training is conducted […]

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Mariupol Residents Prepare to Defend the City. PHOTO

In view of the probable attack of the russian soldiers on Mariupol, the citizens are going to be in the ranks of the defenders of the city, the national guard actively helps them, instructors teach locals basic tactic of warfare.

The press center of NSU reported about it on Monday.

“Members of self-defense are active in community activities. […]

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Berdianske After Shelling. VIDEO

Terrorists continue to shell Ukrainian cities and villages. The village of Berdyansk was shelled from artillery and “Grad”.

The results of the shelling were published by channel 5 on Wednesday.




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Suburb of Mariupol. Results of Shelling. VIDEO

Some group of young men took video of the shelling results in the village near Mariupol. A young men took a video of the devastation caused to the houses and households of citizens of Ukraine, from the attacks of the Russian-terrorist forces.

Without being bound to a particular place and date, the video “Mariupol after gunfire” was […]

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Humanitarian Aid From Canada. PHOTO. VIDEO

Volunteers from Canada have been working in Mariupol for two weeks.

It is reported by Hromadske TB.

“Representatives of Global Medic Fire organization brought to Mariupol over 3000 sq.m of anti-blast film, whith the help of which they sealed the windows in 6 buildings in the Eastern neighborhood: in the hospital, two clinics and three kindergartens” – […]

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Car Accident In Mariupol. PHOTO

Five people were hospitalized as a result of an accident. The ambulance, which was carrying wounded soldiers, collided with “Daewoo Lanos” in Mariupol. The press-service of UGAI HUMVD of Ukraine in Donetsk region informed about it on Monday.

According to regional traffic police, the accident took place on June 21 at 23.30 in Zhovtnevy district of Mariupol […]

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