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Military Hospital in Artemivsk Received Medicines and Equipment. PHOTO

Valuable medical equipment and medicines were given to a military hospital at Artemivsk by volunteers.

It is reported by a volunteer group “Bakhmut Ukrainian” on their Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Medical equipment was delivered from Germany. There all the medical usefulness for Artemivsk hospital. Medicines and supplies will be issued in surgery and traumatology at the arrival of fighter […]

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Donbas Residents are Moving Through the Checkpoints on Foot. PHOTO

Crossing of checkpoints in the ATO zone between the uncontrolled territories and controlled by Ukraine has become even more problematic with the introduction of the updated system of crossing on June 17.

Passengers have to walk, often for about 2 km, cross Ukrainian border checkpoint because according to new rules a bus service is prohibited there, reports 62.ua.

Here […]

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Weapons Were Found Near Artemivsk. PHOTO

Lawmen seized antitank grenade launcher RPG-22, antitank missiles (ATGM), three first-aid kits, more than 5000 cartridges of ammunition of different calibers and 4 grenades.

It is reported by the press – service of Artemivsk Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

“On  May 27, members of Artemovsk city police department found an arsenal of weapons and ammunition in one […]

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How Activists of Artemivsk Try to Defend the City. PHOTO

Activists and patriots from Artemivsk came together to build fortifications for the soldiers, who defend the city from invaders at the weekend.

Volunteer group “Bakhmut Ukrainian” reported about it on their Facebook page.




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Veterans Train Young People to Protect Artemivsk. PHOTO

The destruction of unexploded ammunition, participation in the construction of fortifications on the outskirts of the city – this is an incomplete list of what military of mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Artemivsk do these days.

The city of Artemivsk website informed about it on Thursday.

As it was told by press officer […]

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Residents of Artemivsk Prepared to Defend Their City. PHOTO

The work was carried out to strengthen the defense of the city of Artemisvk on May 2.

This is stated on the Volunteer’s Group “Ukrainian Bakhmut” page in Facebook.

The event was also attended by representatives of the “Right Sector”, community activists and Ukrainian patriots.




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Ukraine Continues to Strengthen Defense Lines in ATO Area. PHOTO

Ukrainian army strengthen defense lines. The work on the construction of fortifications to protect front-line areas from aggressor continues near Artemivsk. This information was announced today at a daily briefing in UKMTS by representative of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine for ATO Colonel Alexander Motuzyanyk.

“Defensive systems will consist of trenches, dugouts, strongholds and fire facilities. […]

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Rockets and Grenades Were Found in the Lake. PHOTO

Employees of the Criminal Investigation of Artemivsky Horotdel together with OCD Artemivsk operational groups found ammunition in the pond near the village of Zaytsevo on March 26. Divers helped to confiscate weapons, hidden under water.

The press service of the Ministry of Interior Affairs informed about is on Thursday.




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Petro Poroshenko Met With Debaltseve Defenders. PHOTO

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his trip to Donetsk region in Artemivsk held a meeting with military leaders, reports the New Time.

Also, according to the press service of the President, the President visited the location of the Ukrainian military, which were converted from Debaltseve. Poroshenko thanked the soldiers for their courage.




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Terrorists Shelled Artemivsk with “Grad”. PHOTO. VIDEO

Terrorists shelled Artemivsk with “Grad”, 7-year-old child was killed.

Vyacheslav Abroskin, the Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region, has written about this on his Facebook page.

According to him, “the shell hit near the school № 4, on Zahorodnya street, 22. A 7-year-old child died. The investigative group of Artemivsk city’s police department is working […]

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