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Why the US and Europe Should Help Ukraine

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Why the US and Europe Should Help Ukraine – An infographic by the team at Ukraine Investigation

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Cyber Wars: The Invisible Front

Nowadays information has very serious impact on society, especially – in extreme situations. One of the best examples are the latest events on the territory of Ukraine. While the war started on the ground, the aggression was also felt on the virtual battlefields. Sure, the digital war is not as devastating as the one going […]

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Russian Government Gives Instruction on How to Misinform People

Today, on his twitter account, a famous Russian journalist Illya Barabanov shared a document that gives an explanation on how Russian media has to cover news about Ukraine. Documents like this one have been sent out to Russian journalist. Basically, it’s a guide on how and in what light share news. Here’s what the document […]

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MIA Involved Special Unit “Omega” Against Peaceful Protesters on December 1 – Derevyanko

Special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Omega” was used against peaceful protesters on December 1, 2013.

This was announced in the trial against Zaharchenko, MP Yuriy Derevyanko said on his Facebook page.

“Special unit “Omega” is a police special forces to combat terrorism, consists of paratroopers, combat swimmers and specialists in mountain training” Derevyanko said.

Derevyanko […]

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Order for Special Operation December 3-4 2013


of the Head of the Northern Territorial Command of Internal Troops of the Ukrainian Ministry for Internal Affairs to organize services for the protection of public order in the central part of Kyiv during the opposition supporters events in support of European integration of Ukraine on December 03 – 04, 2013

1. […]

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Special Operations – Bumerang and Hvylya

Operational Plan of Neutralization of Protest Actions Participants’ Extremist Activity 

Operation situation: in order to destabilize the situation in the state the representatives of so-called “Right Sector” have planned to perpetrate a number of explosions in the central part of the city using handmade explosive devices, most of which have been kept at one of the offices of […]

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