Ukraine Investigation

Ukraine Investigation
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How Town of Stakhanov Looks Like. PHOTO

Town of Stakhanov, Luhansk region, that suffered more than others from the fighting, gradually returns to civilian life. People repair roofs and facades damaged by shells, according to Many houses in the village are without glazing. […]

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Destroyed Residential Area of Donetsk. PHOTO

These photos had been published in VKontakte social network.




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Volunteers Bought Weapon for Snipers. PHOTO

Several volunteer groups together with the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and thousands of sponsors from across the country have implemented a unique project – trained and supplied with the most modern equipment and […]

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Marinka Is a Ghost Town. PHOTO


Russian terrorists do not stop shelling of the residential areas in Marinka. The residents are forced to hide in the cellars, many were forced to leave their homes.

Photos taken from the social networks.




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Artillerymen Trainings Near the Sea. PHOTO

Within the complex trainings artillery units of the coastal defense of Naval Forces of Ukraine conducted their tasks of firing the surface targets in various parts of the coast at night and during the day.

The press service […]

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Destructions in the City of Donetsk. PHOTO


After shelling in Donetsk, more and more photos are published in the Internet. Houses are destroyed, and the streets are like a dump of ammunition and construction materials.

Photos were published by Twitter users Lenz Gottfried and Necro […]

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